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Articles - Our Top 10 Favourite Things to do in a Car this January

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Our Top 10 Favourite Things to do in a Car this January

January 27th 2016
Category: Articles

Congratulations, you’ve almost made it through dreary January. There’s no mistaking how boring January can be; it’s cold, the nights come early and everything is on a massive comedown after Christmas.

mini-in-norfolkA solution? Hire something different from your local car hire specialist and hit the road. Here’s just a few of our favourite things to do in a car right now…

  1. Find a beautiful setting to park up on, and enjoy a bag of fish & chips with family. Cliff tops (with safety barriers, please) are perfect. There’s something about the fresh sea air and a view of the rough waves that makes us feel well and truly renewed. Try Hunstanton for Norfolk, or Southwold if you live near Suffolk.
  2. Take a drive along the winding back roads of Norfolk and Suffolk, rather than sticking to the motorways and dual carriageways. And if you’re anything like us for fun drives, stomachs will flutter and pulses will race.
  3. Drive out to a nature reserve such as the WWT Welney Wetland Centre.
    Floodlit swan feeds and hopping hare walks are just some of the activities in the diary:
  4. Take the kids out for a game of ‘I spy’, or some other al fresco game. A refreshing take on being stuck in the house with a pooping animal board game, and an opportunity to give everyone a break from computerised favourites. Big kids are welcome, too.
  5. Pick a random nearby town on Google and drive there for afternoon tea, or actual tea if you prefer. Experiencing new places and sights is great for the “same poop, different day” believer.
  6. Tune in to a audio book. Ditch the iPhones, tablets, and computers and go for a big drive with a good ole fashioned story as a backdrop. And chill…
  7. Get a drive-thru ice cream (McFlurry, Kream Ball, Fusion, choose your poison) and drive along to a playlist full of songs that make you feel good. ‘70s, ‘80s, Disney, Justin Bieber…
  8. Visit the Tide & Time museum followed by a night-time drive along Great Yarmouth seafront. Lights, lights and more lights. Check for the latest list of activities throughout Norfolk
  9. Rustle up a picky lunch to have in the car. Winter picnic, ta da!
  10. Talk. About your funny neighbour, great holiday memories, the time you first met or your favourite series on Netflix.
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