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November 9th 2015
Category: Car Reviews
The series 5 Mitsubishi L200 is a no-nonsense SUV. It’s tough and strong, like the bodybuilder of practical pick-up trucks. This five-seater has had a modern facelift since its predecessor- making it a stylish choice to drive during down time, too. It’s arguably one of the best double-cabs on the market, with fitting features for [...]
September 15th 2015
Category: Car Reviews
The Honda Jazz is a mature take on the popular supermini hatchback. Well-presented and easy to drive, the Jazz is an ideal car to use about town. With lots of adaptable space for prams and wheelchairs, this old favourite is perfect for taking the children or grandchildren out in. The Honda Jazz rivals other compact [...]
August 20th 2015
Category: Car Reviews
The Ford Mondeo Automatic is the perfect advertisement for a family car, with its abundance of friendly features. Gliding along the roads with a sleeping tot and content teen in the back is a picturesque scene waiting to happen in this European built hatchback. Despite its stylishly narrow body, it is a large car capable [...]
August 6th 2015
Category: Car Reviews
The Fiat 500 is a cute car, and is often favoured for its style over performance. This hatchback comes in five editions- Pop Star, Cult, Colour Therapy, Lounge and the 500S- making each retro body an ideal ride for any city-goer, regardless of age or gender. Light steering and a small (but mighty) engine makes [...]
March 10th 2014
Category: Car Reviews
Ford have been making great cars for a long time and the current Focus continues that trend. It has become the modern day ‘peoples’ car thanks to its quality, practicality and reliability, and it’s a vehicle that is liked by everyone from families to pensioners and to those that want something enjoyable to drive. Spacious [...]
March 16th 2014
Category: Car Reviews
The original Ford Fiesta first appeared way back in 1976. This latest version of the popular supermini is both fun and refined, so much so that it feels a lot like its bigger brother, the Ford Focus. Interior and equipment The current Fiesta is bigger than the previous model, and just as spacious as most [...]
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